Bisque Busts

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We’ve always been attracted to the fine and subtle detail of bisque porcelain. Glazing tends to smooth over details and make things blander. This originals of our busts were purchased at a provincial French auction. Our replicas are exact down to the finest detail and cost only a fraction of what we paid at auction!

Busts like these were en vogue in the first half of the 19th century, and often taken home by Grand Tour travelers who were always on the lookout for authentic historical artifacts. We were not able to find a Queen at this time, but Madame de Pompadour is a serious stand-in! Not exactly life size, but precious, charming and whiter-than-white…AR033 Madame de Pompadour



Casablanca Lounge Bar

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An offshoot of our well received wheeled bar that transforms any room into a festive one in a heartbeat! Wood frame entirely covered with ivory finished canvas. The canvas is treated and won’t stain. Pull out shelves offer additional space or a selection of games, such as poker and chess. This bar is built for entertaining and will survive generations if well treated.



Orient Express Bar

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Big enough for pur-sang bar-tending but small enough to fit into a chic studio. Hailing from the Belle Epoque . An era when armies of stewards and porters used to wheel trunks from the Wagons-Lits train to a waiting Bentley, and from the Bentley to the hold of a transatlantic steamer.

Those were the days!

Built in canvas-covered wood, with leather accents, bronze hardware. Varnished wood slats for protection. MF114



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Its original makers were the famous Dooling Brothers, who manufactured around 1000 units at the time. There were offered to aficionados of the famous Dooling spin-dizzies, miniature motorized racecars that reached dizzying speeds. They were closely modeled on the famous Mercedes Silver Arrows of the early 1930s. Originals are now rare and highly prized by collectors.

Molded with the same exacting detail as its original our 12.2″ Indy racer is hand-cast in airplane aluminum. Hand polished and buffed to a high shine, it features a detailed dashboard, faux leather seat, steering wheel and brake. In keeping with its original model-toy character, the front wheels are not linked to the steering wheel. The wheel hubs and rubber tires are made with the same exact detail as the original.

Enjoy a truly unique piece of Grand Prix history. This shiny, sleek desktop racer represents both the romance and the dramatic beauty of the most famous Grand Prix racers ever! PC010R

Victorian Rocking Horse

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Younger sons born into nobility or the gentry were often sent to serve at the Royal Court as pages of honor. Part of their education was learning tournament jousting. The master-at-arms used wooden horses mounted on swings to teach skills with sword  and lance.

This wooden horse evolved over time into the classic rocking horse. No upper class children’s playroom was without one. Some were mounted on oval wood rockers, others on a ‘safety’ stand, where steel swings allowed for greater movement on a stationary base.

Our iconic rocking horse is a full-sized reproduction of originals dating back to the 19th century. Hand carved in top quality mahogany. Hand made saddle and tack of real bridle leather. The expert skills of wood carvers, cabinet makers, and saddlers are evident. Hand finished in a warm and glowing French-style varnish, slightly distressed to make it look somewhat aged. A timeless treasure and a dream-toy for both boys and girls. Imagine its value in 50 or 100 years.



Sailing Ships and Boats

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The endless space of oceans. Outwitting the elements. The Age of Sail made exploration possible, opening the world up for trade, travel, and cultural exchange. Model ships made as a votive for the local chapel or a dockyard model for the Admiralty. Or maybe just as the exquisite creation of a gifted model maker. Like a doll-house mesmerizes a child, our highly detailed sailing ships continue to fascinate and intrigue. 


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No other passenger plane was built in bigger numbers than the DC-3. With its two-propeller engines it rule the skies from the late 1930s till the 50s. WWII surpluses enabled pilots to establish new airlines in every corner of the world. The Amazon jungle, the Serengeti plains, the Gobi desert. Our DC-3 is circling a hand made globe. A replica of an original from the late 1920s. Historical planes flying over exotic countries with names like Siam, Burma, French West Africa, and the Dutch Indies…