Childhood Memories


For children the rule is that a vacation with sand and water in the vicinity is bound to be a success. I guess the same goes for a lot of men. Lakes, seas, oceans and shores are favorite destinations. Sharing a drink at an ancient watering hole at the local port is a thing not to be denied. Sailing single-handed is a secret dream of many, realized by a few. Boasts and sailing are more popular than ever. Exploration and history continue to fascinate. Major brand names capitalize on the nautical image and lore, and it is not unusual to see people walking around advertising themselves as crew members of the America’s Cup contender, while never having set a foot on a ship’s deck. We all share memories of our childhood, all cling to romantic images. That is why a lot of men, and a growing contingent of women, surround themselves with objects and accessories with a nautical theme. And that is why a gift with an interesting nautical story is bound to be successful and will be fondly remembered.



~ by authenticmodels on September 25, 2012.

One Response to “Childhood Memories”

  1. I wish Icould be a child again, every thing you have is beautiful I live in Mexico city, and I dont know how to buy.

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