Is it a Ship or a Boat?

A ship is not a boat, and vice versa. Boats are smaller than ship, normally not decked, or only partly. Boats can be lashed onto a ship’s deck. Most boats carry oars for rowing, and many have some kind of sail, often small and easy to install. There are innumerable boats of all kinds. Over the ages, fishermen and sailors developed craft adapted to local needs. A boat on the sand in a dry harbor during low tide would look different from a boat that needed to be lowered every day from a bustling ship’s deck. Only skilled craftsmen are able to construct models of boats. Their problem is that everything is in plain sight; nothing can be hidden beneath the expanse of the deck. That’s why boats appeal to people; all the small details, the oars, rations, barrels…

Biscay Fishing Boat, Yellow


~ by authenticmodels on June 5, 2012.

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