The Sailor’s Chest: An Ancient Custom

Sailor's Chest, Large With the passing of the Age of Sail came an end to an ancient custom – the use of a wooden chest to transport and keep the sailor’s belongings. The mark of their calling, it was ubiquitous in the merchant marine and on whalers. These chests represent an era and a breed of men long since gone, and if not for the interest in today’s yachtsmen they would be lost to posterity. Dovetailed pine wood, slanted sides, made to original specifications. Culminating in two beckets, sea-slang for handles of unbelievable detail. They are the apotheosis of knot making. Days of crafting topknots, hitches, splices using linen and cotton line (cod fishing line) and heavier rope. Inside the chest a small ditty box to hold sewing gear. Once this chest served as a sailor’s dining chair, now it will serve as an extra seat or even as a coffee table.


~ by authenticmodels on May 22, 2012.

One Response to “The Sailor’s Chest: An Ancient Custom”

  1. I recently sold the sailor chest to a Toronto customer, for their sail boat, they just love it! AM designs unique and original!

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