Authentic Models Sail Boats

Authentic Models has been making Sail Models since 1972. AM’s first model shop started in a 17th century building in the heart of old Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Over the years, beautiful, detailed and unique models were shipped out from the Amsterdam ‘Bloemstraat’ location to Museums and private collectors all over the world.

Later, during the 1980’s, when wages made the model building in the Netherlands prohibitive, AM sent expert model builders to countries like Madagascar, India and China to teach local model makers the finesses of the trade.

Some of AM’s models are elaborate scale models of the 17th and 18th century Men-of-War. Models of the sleek A-Cup racing yachts, dating back from the 1900’s to the 30’s, have always been popular.

Plank-on-frame, instead of a solid wood block hull. Wood frames or timbers are lined up, wood strips are nailed on, a wood deck laid. A construction very much as the original, resulting in hollow, strong hulls. More valuable, more lasting, more interesting.


~ by authenticmodels on May 15, 2012.

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