The Written Word

Old letters, a deed written in elaborate calligraphy, a hand written document. I can’t resist the chance to read, admire, reflect, and imagine the hand that wrote those flowing lines, elegant script, and somewhat dated but appealing prose. It makes me want to grab a journal and entrust my deepest thoughts, memories, experiences, and create a link to future generations.

Daily correspondence was not unheard of in Victorian times. Lovers exchanged pink and perfumed notes, authors and scientists corresponded daily. Handwritten official documents by the thousands were processed by a remarkable efficient postal system that included Royal Mail steamships, mail coaches and mail sorted in mail trains. It has been fun to research and recreate antique style writing instruments and a selection of elegant desk accessories. Interesting colors, noble materials and wonderful packaging all combined to make a truly personal gift.

Writer's Palette


~ by authenticmodels on February 7, 2012.

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