Trade Signs & Sky Hooks

The word ‘Tole’ is mainly used by antique experts and collectors. It stands for painted tin, and covers a whole world of 18th and 19th C. household products, such as storage tins, clocks made in tin plate, lamps, etc. Our collection of sky hooks and trade signs have been hand cut from metal sheet, and hand painted. The trade signs are hammered into shape on a wood mold, an exact and time-consuming affair.

Tole objects are characterized by their richness of paint and texture. Actually early tole craftsmen, inspired by Japanese and Chinese lacquered objects, tried to duplicate the intensity of color and depth. Another cultural cross-fertilization.

Sky hooks were first made as a demonstration tool of the workings of counterweights and centrifugal force. They soon evolved into whimsical and fun objects, never-ceasing to amuse and surprise.

Whale Trade Sign, Two Sided



~ by authenticmodels on November 11, 2011.

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