Discover the World

On one of our occasional visits to Paris, my grandfather took us to the National Library, the epithet of which must have been Royal before the onslaught of democracy. I was eleven then, and at a stage where I felt I was old enough to go out and discover the world. Grandpa felt we needed to get some appreciation for the tribulations of early explorers as well as understand the finesses of cartography. Grandpa selected his globe. It towered above us so we were allowed to climb small library stairs to closely follow his narrative. The globe we looked at was assembled from 24 printed segments applied to a handmade core. Grandpa guided me over the Silk Route to far Cathay and Kublai Khan’s army camp. We navigated Cape Horn on our way to attack Spain’s galleons carrying silver and gold robbed from the Incas. We visited the Spice Islands to buy pepper, cloves and nutmeg and make tenfold profits. He described the Maharaja’s courts for us. His stories enraptured us, and that’s when I made up my mind to sometime, somehow make these globes available for those of us who love adventure and history.


~ by authenticmodels on August 31, 2011.

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