Jamaica – An Oar Love Story

A few years ago I took the family to Jamaica. We had just vacated our house in Holland, and a forty-foot container with, in hindsight, most unnecessary belongings was on its way to Oregon. I had rented a seaside villa in the posh resort of Round Hill, where Ian Fleming used to live and the likes of Cary Grant and Humphrey Bogart downed margaritas and Cuba Libres at the piano bar. The bar was still there, with framed and signed pictures everywhere. On one of our trips across the island, we came across a little restaurant called “Oars and Boars”. The boars referred to the wild pigs that were hunted nearby, and were served in an exciting number of varieties. Some were even marinated in the fiery Jamaican Jerk seasoning. The oars had been collected over the years, and showed their infinite number of uses. I loved the colors, the faded look and texture, and was most impressed when a beautiful girl danced the Zarabanda holding an oar as her partner.

The look and feel of oars on the wall, while decidedly nautical, never ceases to make me feel at home.

wooden oar decor

Lifeboat Oar

Photo credits: 1) Completely Coastal  2) Authentic Models  3) Home-Biba  4) From Me To You  5) Bright, Bold & Beautiful


~ by authenticmodels on August 25, 2011.

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