Quill Pens – Utilitarian and Decorative…

Visiting my Great Aunt Olga, I turned right from 5th Ave onto 57th Street. Her house was only a short distance from my hotel, and I knew I would be talking inkwells for a while. Even though she was an outspoken vegetarian, she kept a flock of geese at her summer cabin… in order to never run out of writing quills.

My parents thought her eccentric; she wore rubber boots to parties and receptions, and smoked Cuban Coronas. In person rather gruff, she partially made up for it by writing the most beautiful letters, both in content and appearance.

They looked and read not unlike the scribbling of Jane Austen and Georges Sand, although she never acquired their fame. For a while the local postman collected her letters in more than one sense, for he prided himself as a connoisseur of belles-lettres and couldn’t bring himself to part with Aunt Olga’s creations.

Feather Pen Set


~ by authenticmodels on June 29, 2011.

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