Boxes, Boxes, Boxes…

It’s kind of funny to find boxes I made twenty or thirty years ago now offered as antiques at today’s antique shows. Excluding deliberate cheating, it demonstrates how difficult it is to distinguish true antiques from good quality recent craft. My reference library includes several books on boxes, in all forms and shapes. Even more than furniture, boxes have always challenged the skilled artisan to display his special talents, and combine practicality with beauty in shape and décor. I have personally always been drawing to the sometimes simple, sometimes elaborate tobacco and snuff boxes. Where sailors carried leather tobacco boxes, the Regency dandy flashed elaborate gold ones dedicated to the ritual of inhaling snuff.

Master wood turners hoard pieces of precious wood for pet projects and classic exhibition works. When not turning products for mundane uses, stampers, darners, flutes and columns, they like to turn boxes. Boxes of all shapes and sizes, challenging in scale and flowing contour, detailed with subtle moldings and ridges. Creations that display their mastery of skill, craft and finesse. With lids that open, revealing smooth cavities that hold ancient coins, gold nuggets, jewelry and antique watches. Call them treasure boxes, or just works of art. Made from solid mahogany.

This summer we’re introducing a new collection of Treen boxes. The shapes and sizes reminiscent of antique spice boxes…

Authentic Models is introducing a new collection of Treen treasure boxes this summer.


~ by authenticmodels on June 16, 2011.

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