Keeping Time

Being an amateur writer and lifelong aspiring poet, my grandfather combined penmanship with the gift of being an entertaining raconteur. “Conversation is an art that can be mastered,” he used to say. It’s an established fact that most writers are lousy conversationalists. For his grandchildren it was a bonus that he had tremendous patience. Grandpa’s pocket watch was a constant source of wonder and admiration, and when wound up, it played several melodies as well as showing time and the position of the sun and moon. We also secretly hoped that it could help us solve our math problems. Grandpa taught us about latitude and longitude, and in general the importance of keeping proper time.

The six bedrooms at his colonial villa were named after the six countries he used to frequent: India, Burma, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. Each room featured a clock showing local time.

Brass Tide Clock


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