Santos-Dumont, Inventor & Aviation Pioneer

Walking around the Museum of flight at the Bourget in Paris-Nord, it’s difficult to imagine that real people once flew these rickety contraptions of fabric-covered wood, wire and wicker. Also slightly confusing is that in France, the Wright Brothers are not considered the inventors of human flight. This honor goes to an obscure Brazilian dandy by the name of Alberto Santos-Dumont. His is an interesting story. The prodigal son of a millionaire coffee baron, feted in Paris, he created navigable balloons and later his own aircraft. The first ever wristwatch was created for him, since pocket watches were impractical for a busy pilot. The famous Parisian jeweler Cartier created the watch, which is still in production and goes by the brand name of Santos.

Sopwith Camel, Small


~ by authenticmodels on May 26, 2011.

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