Hot Air Balloons: A Matter of Course

19th C. adventurers, as well as scientists, loved to mess with balloons. Admittedly they weren’t always able to call ahead for tea and scones, being delayed or misdirected to unexpected locations by tempestuous winds. Successful balloonists, however, raved about the beauty and magnificence of flying. Serenely floating over the Alps, silently propelled by prevailing winds, seeing the earth below as a world not belonging to them. The colorful teardrop shaped balloons were spherical and helium filled.

We researched these original helium balloons, with their characteristic rattan baskets, in the Museum of Flight in Paris and the German Science Museum in Munich. Our miniatures, very similar to the scale-models displayed in those museums, are assembled with papier-mâché spheres covered in hand-applied paper gores. The rattan baskets hang from hand knotted netting, attached with toggles for easy assembly. The large balloons carry sand bags, at the ready to be released as ballast.

Royal Aero, Blue, 32 cmTravels Light, Rainbow, 18 cm


~ by authenticmodels on May 10, 2011.

One Response to “Hot Air Balloons: A Matter of Course”

  1. Your balloons look phenomenal hanging from a high ceiling using fishing line. So transparent, they look like they are actually floating the skies of a room. Hang small and large balloons and it gives the impression of a flotilla of colorful balloons. They look awesome in both livingroom and child’s room. Your stuff is great!

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