A Captain’s Desk

Captains made good use of notoriously cramped quarters in the ship’s stern section (deck hands were housed before the mast). The captain’s desk was tailor-made to offer maximum comfort and space in a minimal floor area. Drawers to house the crew’s papers, sealed sailing instructions, log books, charts, instruments and a pair of flintlock pistols. Brass corners to protect from damage when being moved around. Sturdy construction to withstand often violent ship’s movements.

Captain's Desk, Ivory


~ by authenticmodels on April 4, 2011.

3 Responses to “A Captain’s Desk”

  1. Where can I get hold of one of these desks in the UK?

    • Hi Xoan-Carlos, Both Pavilion Broadway in Broadway (Midlands area) and Context Interiors in Edinburgh, Scotland carry many AM products. Or, if we know where you are located, I can get you a more exact listing.

  2. That is a stunning desk, although I have to admit that I love the black and honey verson – it is so rich! And your Drawers that Go (with the hidden wheels)are way too cool. You have a great line and I can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

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