Filtered Light

Walking the weathered deck of an old trading schooner, I couldn’t help but wonder at the purpose of the small glass “windows” set in the deck. Climbing down the steep hatchway I made my way into the ship’s interior. Mahogany wainscoting, brass hardware; my hair grazed the beams. Entering the officer’s mess I was mesmerized by the sun filtering through the diamond like ceiling insets. It was dusty and the rays of light illuminated the space with a greenish hue. It felt like swimming in a dry ocean.

Clear, affordable glass was really a development of the last half of the 19th century. Up until then, bottles and other utilitarian products were simply cast or blown in green or brownish glass. The deck prisms were made of molten glass poured into a metal mold.


Heavyweight deck prism tells a unique story. Translucent aqua green seems like an ocean frozen in glass.





~ by authenticmodels on March 22, 2011.

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