Focus Through a Magnifying Glass

One of the most beautiful objects I could count as my own, if only for a short while, was an ivory magnifier. The handle was long and tapering, carved with vines, leaves and flowers. The glass was scratched, but amazingly the ivory was fully intact. My magnifier is now on display at a Decorative Arts Museum in France, and I am recreating its spirit and elegance in glasses made in brass and beautiful turned wood.

As a boy, I used to consider magnifiers an essential pocket tool. However, after setting one of my Dad’s unread newspapers on fire, my experiments were called to an immediate halt, and the glass confiscated. This occurred despite protestations that my goals had been purely scientific, and that the glass was a crucial tool for my intellectual growth.


A versatile attractive accessory of proven pedigree and gravitas. Hand built-in solid brass and rosewood.




~ by authenticmodels on March 15, 2011.

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