J-Yachts of the ‘30s

I’ve always been drawn to old-time ships, I admire their mahogany planked hulls, intricately inlaid teak decks, gleaming bronze hardware, and the atmosphere below decks. However, racing a 2003 50’ state-of-the-art Swan-Nautor, built in Finland, with an expert crew… that’s sailing. More high-tech, more exhilarating, but nonetheless sailing. Torn between the two worlds, I vacillate in my choice of models. My office? Definitely a scale model of a J-Yacht. I’d love to be a Vanderbilt, Tommy Sopwith, or Lipton the tea-mogul, pouring a fortune into a race to win the world’s most admired silver yachting trophy (as well as the ugliest). The living room of my beach house? A large and simple pond yacht with a small one displayed on the windowsill in the kitchen. Oars would go in my children’s bedrooms. My Wall Street office? A Riva, A Typhoon, a Triple Cockpit run-about, all about speed, power and prestige…


J-Yacht Ranger 1937The J-Yacht Ranger, 1937 on my office window sill.


~ by authenticmodels on March 1, 2011.

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