The Word is Barometric Pressure…

Some people have a thing about weather.

My Uncle J., as he was called in the family, liked to hold forth on his hobby (some called it an obsession). Uncle J. was highly educated, having doctorates in Latin and Synoptic Meterology. Renaissance science was one of his favorite subjects. He always said his memory and mind were on overload and that he needed to be reminded of things. This was before Post-It® notes changed our world. He carried an aneroid barometer in his left pocket and a small alarm clock in his right. Uncle J. liked to mention the fact that the best instruments were designed and built for ships and seafaring. That’s perhaps why a brass tide clock and a weatherglass were centrally positioned in his study. He delighted in having people try to name the kind of liquid in his weatherglass. Since he was once considered for a Nobel Prize, no one ever guessed it was H2O.


Hand blown glass vessels with elegantly shaped spouts...




~ by authenticmodels on February 23, 2011.

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