Flying Spirit…

In summertime small planes fly over the beaches of Holland, pulling large banners promoting sunscreen and beer. Depending on the weather the beaches are packed with people working on the suntan. In the 60s, I had a job at a British ad agency and was invited to fill the co-pilot’s seat in one of these tiny planes for a short flight. We pulled by client’s slogan, which reflected my emotional disposition since it was promoting a new life-insurance package. It was my first and definitely last step into one of these tiny, noisy, smelly and bumpy biplanes, but traversing the Atlantic single-handed probably gives flying buffs similar jitters. It did make me appreciate Lindbergh though, flying pretty much blind from New York to Paris. Staying awake for over 33 hours in a rattan chair, trying to figure out his height relative to heavy seas below, and his position versus his destination. Aptly named, the Spirit.


A detailed model of the one Charles Lindbergh flew across the Atlantic in.




~ by authenticmodels on January 17, 2011.

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