How to Control Gigantes

One of my Dad’s close friends was a Cuban tobacco guru.

My Dad liked big cigars; his was a powerful presence and he liked his cigars similarly weighty. We grew up with robust and forceful flavors. Dad’s cigars had names like Gigantes and Belicosos Finos. The finer details of cigar construction were part of our education, and being eccentric was not frowned upon in our large family. One time Dad returned from one of his many travels with a wastebasket in the shape of a ship’s funnel. This extraordinary wastebasket was used to deposit the fragrant ashes of his Gigantes and Finos. He kept reading while smoking and tipping, and Mom never objected. We were flabbergasted. Mom’s rationale was that a wastebasket shaped like a solid steel ship’s funnel was bound to confine smoldering Gigantes and Montecristos No.2.


Wastebaskets crafted in the shape of ocean-liner smoke stacks, truly were multi functional.



~ by authenticmodels on January 13, 2011.

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