Measuring Mount Everest

She was walking her three Dalmatians in the Bois de Boulogne. Sole progeny of an exiled White Russian Prince, she had never married, loudly declaring at cocktail parties that she preferred to choose her own lifestyle. Having studied the Arts with my mother, we occasionally visited her in Montparnasse.

Her apartment was dark and smelled of cigars and dogs. From her travels, she loved to bring home exotic lamps. The dining room table was lit by a chandelier made from moose antlers. A make-up mirror was flanked by two stuffed elephant-tail wall lights, with Samurai helmets as lampshades. Her collection of custom-made Tiffany lamps was the envy of the museum world. Her personal favorite and family heirloom was a charming silk-shade crowned wood and brass tripod.

Her father, the Prince, has been an avid amateur surveyor. He claimed to have measured the exact height of the Himalayas. The tripod lit her club-size smoking chair that was roomy enough to baptize a baby, with medieval alchemist’s granite pestle for an ashtray.


This red & white Surveyors Tripod Lamp brightens up any room




~ by authenticmodels on January 10, 2011.

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