When Did You Last See a Seahorse?

I’m trying to imagine how early sailors, superstitious and ignorant, dealt with the strange and impressive animals they encountered… and how information filtered back to folks at home. If there was ever a connection between a whale and a mythical seahorse, it must have been in the Middle Ages, when huge sea animals from the deep were blended together with lore and myth. Trading ships kept close to shore and navigation was uncertain. Storms, however, swept ships out to strange and unknown places. Whales were many, and when found beached, offered popular if rather smelly attractions. True sailor’s stories about huge octopuses keeping ships in a deadly embrace made less sense than the reputed existence of a horse with a fish tail, riding the waves and carry mermen to visit their favorite mermaids.

The seahorse... Mythical creature transported Mermaids and Neptune.


~ by authenticmodels on January 3, 2011.

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